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Has it really been so long? Time files when you're having fun. We're a Hartlepool based design agency, and we built our first websites in 1996, when few others existed. We've seen a lot of changes happen since that time, improvements in industry standards and an increase in technical expectation.

Over the years we've designed and built many websites for all kinds of business and organisations. For example, in our first ten years between 1996 and 2006:

  • Stillroom (Retail)
  • Ash Distribution (Retail)
  • Autoquote Insurance (Financial)
  • Hartlepool Borough Council (Promotional - Tourism)
  • Mission To Seafarers (International Charity)
  • DHP (Training)

We have a rich history of problem solving and success in bringing ideas to market.


Each day brings with it something new in the world of technology. A large harddisk from just five years ago now fits on a memory card you can hang on your key chain. The internet evolves and scales just as quickly, as does mobile technology.

Right now we're designing, building and maintaining websites for :

  • NAS/Hartlepool Library Services (History/Archive)
  • The Mission To Seafarers (Ports world wide)
  • The Royal Navy (Martime Experience)
  • Middlesbrough Council (Local news and events)
  • Headway Motor Company (Car showroom)
  • BSR Coatings (Pipeline coatings)

...we're working on IOS/Android apps too.

We enjoy staying ahead of the curve. Technology has been our life passion.


The Internet Of Things sneaks ever closer, soon everything we own will be wirelessly connectable.

Our future projects include :

  • Internet services for local and national businesses
  • Web projects for local and national businesses
  • Apple IOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Windows Phone Apps

What can we do for you?

Domains and Hosting

  • Register, configure and renew domains
  • Allocate and setup secure certificates
  • Host your website
  • Maintain your website (apply updates and ensure things are backed up)


  • Configure analytics
  • Audit your website
  • Help you with advertising campaigns
  • Explore Social Media options


  • Produce a new website/app design from scratch or from existing materials
  • Transform a website/app design into print materials


  • Provide movement for elements of your website/app
  • Animate your adverts
  • Produce fun seasonal animations

Music and Audio

  • Create an audio logo
  • Compose original modern music
  • Produce/Master your music and/or audio recordings
  • Record in the field

Tutorial videos

  • Capture screens and presentations
  • Animate with captions
  • Record scripted spoken guidance
  • Create, manage or assist with your own YouTube channel

We love a challenge. If you have an interesting project or idea, just get in touch and we'll help you make it happen.

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